The brief was to create two digital self-portraits relating to your identity; showing the Photoshop and Illustrator skills respectively. Kore is a homonym for my core and an alternate name for Persephone, meaning maiden. The faces express the range of emotions through her journey from happy, to despairing, towards acceptance and empowerment. The point where she has eaten pomegranate seeds is marked by a new look and the body, marking what was my position on this incomplete journey.

Reaching the end of my undergraduate degree has put me at a Crossroads. These are represented by the three projected heads facing different directions. This refers to Hecate, goddess of crossroads, who was often depicted with three heads or bodies.

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


gallery/line portrait


A collaboration between 16 pairs of artists and scientists to produce a shirt design inspired by the scientist’s PHd research. Rebecca Lawrence from the ANU Research School of Psychology uses different methods to get people’s attention and measure their behaviour. She relates these results to 2 types of brain cells responsible for spatial and temporal detail in vision.

Parvocellular neurons are better at processing colour and sharp details in images. Magnocellular neurons process the gist of objects, do not process colour and are good at sensing the timing of things. The circles represent whether your attention is spread or focus. It is hypothesised that the smaller your attentional spread the better the neuron processes. A smaller prompt for magnocellular neurons may lead you to process time in greater detail. A smaller prompt for the parvocellular neurons may make you process space in finer detail.

Prompt Gallery, ANU
4th - 22nd September 2017


Lobrow Gallery & City Walk,
10th-20th August 2017